Can I Get Computer Through Centrelink?

11 May, 2023

Note: TechnoPartners is not associated with any Centrelink free computers or laptops program. This blog post is the information purpose only for them who are looking for the answer of this question. We have collected information from various resources and kept them here.

Nowadays, gadgets like mobiles, computers, laptops, and tablets have become necessity not only for school or university going students but also for pensioners. These gadgets have made our day-to-day work much easier and plays vital role in our life.

We have witnessed, computer with internet has given us freedom to do work from home and attending online classes in this pandemic. Moreover, paying electricity bill or to pay tax or even to buy grocery. All work can be done with just a click and you do not have to stand in long queue to purchase something. But these gadgets are costly and not affordable by low-income family. So, every citizen of Australia must be wondering, can I get this costly piece through Centrelink to made my work easier?

Well, our government has some programs to help low-income earners like Centrelink support. So, you may be able to get computers at discounted price.

Make it Mine was one of the best programs where Centrepay/Centrelink payments were accepted but unfortunately Make It Mine has lost it’s access to Centrepay which is a big loss for low-income earners who wanted to make their payments directly from their Centrelink benefit but there are few ways you can get your computers and laptops at affordable price which are as below.

Affordable ways to buy computers:

  • Workventures:

    Their main motive is to make use of digital technologies by everyone. Therefore, they have benefit-card-holder plan where you can apply and get payment plans ensuring assistance and support is provided to benefit card holders such as job seekers, single parents, seniors, migrants, and indigenous Australians.
  • Rental plans:

    There are sites like Direct Appliance Rentals who can organise a lease for any household product needs easily and quickly.  They are approved provider through several different payment gateways so even if you receive government benefit payments, you can still rent appliances with them.
  • Refurbished computers:

    Refurbished products is another option to get computers, laptops at affordable price. Sites like TechnoParners, where we sell ex-government, refurbishing laptop, computers, and other products at affordable price. These refurbished PCs come with windows, all required software and with warranty, technical support. So, can work best for Uni going students and for work from home employees.
  • Pre-owned:

    pre-owned products are like used products but in good condition for use. People keep their as used products for sale at platforms like eBay, Gumtree and other leading classified platforms from where you can buy at cheap rate but be sure to check their specification.
  • Online Deals and Sales:

    Always look for deals and sales over major websites like Amazon, eBay as they frequently offer discounts or keep deals on holiday seasons like black Friday deals or boxing day deals. You can even do newsletter signup so when new deal comes up, you can get notification via email or SMS. Alternatively, you can find all eCommerce store deals at one platform on ozbargain and stay updated.

So, these are few ways to get PCs, laptops at low cost but there is not any government or Centrepay/Centrelink program to get computers or laptops at no cost at all. If you are unable to afford, there are libraries and community centres where you can access internet at free of cost and finish your work. We hope this blog post has solved your confusion and helped you on how to get PCs and laptops at low cost.


Why should you buy a refurbished computer?

12 February, 2020

Buying refurbished electronic gadgets like computers can be tricky if you don’t know how to select the right device and brands. But it’s a matter of fact and through reviews of seasoned users, now buying second-hand computers can be a low-risk way to save a lot of money on a system purchase.


Let’s see in detail why you should buy a refurbished computer, and is it okay to do so or not?

While it has no harm in purchasing certified refurbished goods, making sure you are aware of a few essential tips that can make all the difference between a risky, poor buying experience and being happy with your new computer.

Before we jump in, let’s see

What A Refurbished Computer System Is?

Refurbished means “old” or used computer device that has been repaired or restored to like-new working condition. It also refers to any computer device that has been sent back to the manufacturer to fix a flaw.

Why Should I Buy a Refurbished Computer?

Depending on the individual working needs, refurbished computers can be the best way to make savings on your next system purchase. In this case, you can get a machine that essentially is new, or functions as new, for a significantly discounted price.

Refurbished computers are usually certified to function as well as a new machine. Even the risk is low as the buyer is protected by the seller’s warranty and returns periods too.

Why is Techno Partners best option for refurbished computers in Sydney?

The main concern a buyer should have when buying refurbished computers is to find out the reputable seller. Why? Because reputable sellers will use the same brand/product and quality assurance test procedures when replacing faulty hardware. The less trustworthy the seller, the more you increase your risk when buying refurbished items.

TechnoPartners is one of the leading online businesses providing high quality refurbished computers, including desktops, laptops, tablets, printers for both home and professional users. We are also committed to providing high quality refurbished computers for pensioners with great after-sales service. All our products come with a warranty, and we will happily price-match any offer.

Reasons to select Technopartners for your all refurbished goods needs in Sydney

  • The certified seller with thousands of positive customer experiences
  • Provide great pricing and discounts sales
  • Get a warranty on all items
  • Commitment to after-sales service and also provides customisation while buying
  • Stock comes from ex-lease government and corporate environment

The Benefits of Buying Refurbished Computers

  • You can get a high-quality computer at a discounted price just because it’s no longer legally considered ‘new’.
  • Refurbished computers don’t need ever been faulty, to begin with. A good number returns due to buyer’s remorse
  • The hardware will always have been tested than their ‘new’ counterparts – so the chances of you getting faulty items are lowered
  • There’s a little risk since the seller’s warranty protects you with their convenient returns policy
    Refurbished devices have a less environmental impact as they are not dumped, but instead refurbished and re-sold

All our refurbished computers for sale are provided with a warranty. For more information on our products, please, visit


Choosing Refurbished Computers/Laptops is best option for school kids???

01 April, 2019

As per parents point of views they want to give best to their kids so kids can implement themselves a lot without any compromise.
So I think refurbished computers/laptop is best choice for school kids

Now your mind ask you WHY WHY???

  • 1. You spend less and get best quality and upgraded version for your kid.
  • 2. Refurbished stuff look like brand new so no much compromise with look.
  • 3. Now a days because of competition in the market refurbished stuff comes fully tested so less chance for faulty piece.
  • 4. In case if it is broke by kids it’s cheap to refix.
  • 5. Refurbished computers/Laptops comes with warranty periods. So, we can test it from our side in time being

So spend less and get right computer/laptop for your kids refurbished Computers/laptops is best option.